Ok, it’s really only 5 days to the one year anniversary of my arrival in Santiago de Compostela. I had the idea to write this post yesterday and I liked the title and thought that it fit the topic. OK and I‘m a big fan of alliteration. It’s hard to explain how much the CaminoContinue reading “SIX DAYS TO SANTIAGO”


I am beginning to see the walking, or maybe hobbling, wounded. Knee and ankle braces are appearing. Road rash is peeking out from beneath bandages. One woman has her wrist and one finger bandaged up. She took a bad fall back in Roncevalles, but she’s still moving. This morning we saw a man with hisContinue reading “DAY 9”


Or is it a kilometer-stone day? Today was a big day on multiple levels. It was a long walk from Estella to Los Arcos. 14.5 miles. Miles vs. kilometers? The distance in kilometers my Australian friends tell me is so much more impressive and because a kilometer is less than a mile and it goesContinue reading “Day 8 A MILESTONE DAY”


I know I complained about taking pictures of great landscapes yesterday but I have one to share again today. This is a pretty little town we went through and I liked the woman’s bright blue pants against the dirt path, but mostly I love the blue of the sky. The weather has been amazing. OnContinue reading “DAY 7”


So I have been pondering two thoughts today on the Camino. The first has to do with aptitude tests. Ok, you’re thinking “that sounds weird”. Well here’s my thought. I was taking a picture of an incredible view… And I was so disappointed. It just didn’t capture all that I was seeing. I remembered thoseContinue reading “DAY 6 TWO REFLECTIONS”

Day 5

Huarte to Pamplona today. Because Huarte is off the Camino we had to walk through an industrial area. Not so pretty but soon we came to a secondary Camino route which is a beautiful park. On the outskirts of Pamplona we came to the original Camino route. Today has been easier because it has beenContinue reading “Day 5”


“The Camino will provide” is one of the phrases most often heard especially when someone expresses a worry about something. I have two stories from today about how the Camino provides. Today we walked from Zubiri to Huarte, about 12 miles. We had planned to stop in a little town at about mile #6, butContinue reading “DAY 4 THE CAMINO WILL PROVIDE”


Today I came across a black metal cross with a gold plaque that said End of the Camino Rosinna de Verona I didn’t take a picture because it seemed too sacred. I wonder who was Rosinna and why was she on the Camino. Did she die of some long lingering disease? Did she have aContinue reading “DAY 4 WHO IS ROSINNA DE VERONA”


So after the debacle of the ugly Americans I had the occasion to hear what others from different countries had to say and it was not a flattering account of our country. Nonetheless it’s over, done, and perhaps grace will prevail. Today’s journey was again difficult, but not as difficult. We left France and crossedContinue reading “DAY 3 LATER”


Morning Today I caught my first glimpse of the not-so-elusive species…the ugly American. The coffee machine wasn’t working and these women wanted their ☕️! I’m sure the waitress’ English was better than their apparent non-existent Spanish, but she was alone serving about 70 hikers speaking at least 10 different languages in 2 dining rooms. ANDContinue reading “DAY 3”