I am beginning to see the walking, or maybe hobbling, wounded. Knee and ankle braces are appearing. Road rash is peeking out from beneath bandages. One woman has her wrist and one finger bandaged up. She took a bad fall back in Roncevalles, but she’s still moving. This morning we saw a man with his whole head and nose bandaged up. He is bicycling the Camino and took a header over his handlebars.

Even I have a couple of blisters but they are healing nicely and don’t bother me much.

On a more pleasant note we left the Navarro region and entered Rioja.

Rioja is a big wine region. We’ve already seen vineyards dotting the hills, but now we can expect to see more of the actual wineries.

Buon Camino!

~ by michelleperram on September 10, 2019.

6 Responses to “DAY 9”

  1. Hi, Walking Persisted!
    Many thanks for sharing your keen observations and wise processing of your walks!
    Wine regions! I look forward to hearing how wine tastes and blesses (perhaps differently) while on the Camino!

    Buon Camino!

  2. Take good care of those blisters!
    Sending you happy feet vibes

  3. Michelle, you are an inspiration! Your reflections give the rest of us a glimpse into the joys and challenges of your journey and the beauty you have seen. Thank-you!

  4. Do you get to taste the wine?

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