Or is it a kilometer-stone day?

Today was a big day on multiple levels. It was a long walk from Estella to Los Arcos. 14.5 miles. Miles vs. kilometers? The distance in kilometers my Australian friends tell me is so much more impressive and because a kilometer is less than a mile and it goes faster. At any rate a goal was achieved.

See the stamp on my credential in the lower left hand corner? Yes I have walked 100 kilometers since Roncevalles the first stop in Spain. I was shocked! And of course that doesn’t include the kilometers walked from St. Jean Pied de Port. It was a very good feeling.

I got the stamp outside of Estella from a blacksmith.

Since today is Sunday he wasn’t doing any forging, but he was out to stamp credentials and to show his wares. And then I saw this

I know the Camino is not about accumulation of stuff. If anything it is about getting rid of stuff. Remember Teresa of Avila and George Carlin 😉 Modern pilgrims usually have a scallop shell attached to their backpacks to designate themselves as pilgrims. Because the earlier pilgrims would take a shell from Santiago or Finesterre as a souvenir of their pilgrimage I have decided to get a shell there. But in the meantime I have this hand forged shell with the cross of St. James to celebrate 100 kilometers.

My second cause to celebrate came about 5 minutes after I left the blacksmith. There is a monastery that has a fountain. It’s called the Fountain of Irache. On the right is a spigot that pours water and on the left is a spigot that pour wine.

These are gifts the monks provide for the pilgrims. Sadly some take advantage and fill their water bottles so the pilgrims behind have none. I was lucky enough (since it was about 9:30 am) to pour enough for a taste into my cup. I feel blessed to partake in this tradition that has endured hundreds of years.

Tomorrow will be another long day. This time 17 miles. How I wish that were kilometers. And there are two steep descents.

Buon Camino!

~ by michelleperram on September 8, 2019.

3 Responses to “Day 8 A MILESTONE DAY”

  1. Buon vino! How cool is that?
    Sending love and good wished for continued great weather and wine available from spigots around every corner.

  2. How was the wine?!
    Asking for a friend 8 )

  3. What an adventure. Love the shell!

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