How to pack for a Recliner Camino For my first camino in 2019 I spent months carefully selecting all the items I thought I would need. Clothes were bought and returned, backpacks tried on, multiple pairs of shoes were tried on from several stores. Gadgets that I’d never heard about were tested out. Glen andContinue reading “THE RECLINER CAMINO PART 2”


I have been thinking about friends I met on the Camino and remembering how many of them sustained injuries. Ankles, knees, backs, all have fallen prey to falls, over use, improper footwear, and more. I think about this because I tripped on a sidewalk and fractured my right knee and my left wrist. my husbandContinue reading “THE RECLINER CAMINO PART 1”


I am a news and politics junkie. I love nothing better than an energetic discussion about what’s going on in the world. Having said that I don’t share my political views (at least I hope I don’t) in this blog. Having said that I believe I must comment on what is happening in Ukraine. IContinue reading “UKRAINE 🇺🇦”


January 20, 2022 Ash Wednesday falls on my birthday this year. Usually it falls during Lent. I know because for a long time I gave up chocolate for Lent and my family would buy me the best chocolate cake to celebrate. I would generously give huge pieces out at my birthday dinner and then carefullyContinue reading “ASH WEDNESDAY”


One month ago today I walked into Santiago de Compostela. It was a very different experience from two years ago. Then I stood before the cathedral and…felt nothing. It wasn’t until the next day when a woman working in the Pilgrim’s Office spelled my name wrong on my Compostela that I felt something big. IContinue reading “ONE MONTH AGO”


Today I saw a man pose his little dog in front of a statue in the square. I will say he was a well behaved dog and even looked at his owner and barked for him on cue. If you spend all morning looking for someplace that sells postcards within 30 minutes of buying someContinue reading “RANDOM THOUGHTS”