So I have been pondering two thoughts today on the Camino. The first has to do with aptitude tests. Ok, you’re thinking “that sounds weird”. Well here’s my thought. I was taking a picture of an incredible view…

And I was so disappointed. It just didn’t capture all that I was seeing. I remembered those aptitude tests like the SAT’s. Remember those sections with the question 1 is to 2 as 3 is to (blank) and you choose the answer to complete the question. So I got to thinking of my picture that my picture is to reality as the church is to God. There is simply no way to compare the two. My photo is a poor representation of what I was seeing. And the church is a small reflection of all that God is.

My second reflection just came to me. We are sitting at an outside cafe and I am listening to all the conversations around me. In each one someone is speaking in their broken version of the language of the conversion. I’m listening to French and one gentleman is struggling and succeeding mightily at keeping up. Carmen and I struggled (me in Spanish) mightily and I got about 75% of what was going on. It’s like the Book of Acts when each hears in his/her own language, but not quite that. It’s as if all are bending and listening to understand. It’s quite beautiful 😊

~ by michelleperram on September 6, 2019.

2 Responses to “DAY 6 TWO REFLECTIONS”

  1. Nice thought regarding the analogies and well stated. Thought provoking

  2. Love this reflection Michelle. Hope your feet are feeling better. Breathe deeply

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