Today was not the prettiest day on the Camino. It was a short walk from Logrono to Navarette, about 8 miles and it drizzled rain with a pretty good head wind. The Camino also took us along the highway so we were accompanied by the sounds of cars and truck racing by. But life has its ugly parts too doesn’t it. Pain, illness, broken relationships, and more. You just keep moving on the Camino and things will change.

Today was also interesting because we passed by the fence of crosses.

This part of the Camino stretches for a couple of kilometers. At first there is a long a part of just fence with these crosses. Pretty soon though the grapevines and wild berries start to grow through the fence so that the crosses are obscured.

Some of the crosses have the names of loved ones with a date, but most are just simple sticks woven into the fence.

I wonder if the crosses speak of a particular death of someone or the death of some hope or dream. Or could the empty crosses speak of a resurrection in the life of the pilgrim who left it?

Tonight Navarete is home

Buon Camino!

~ by michelleperram on September 10, 2019.

2 Responses to “DAY 10 LIFE & DEATH ON THE CAMINO”

  1. Hey Michelle,
    Reading this post of your post gives me chills!!!
    Every time that we breathe does include both death of ourselves last moment and life of this and next moments

    In case I forget to mention, this Friday of 13th, a full moon, is also a significant Chinese holiday “Mid-Autumn Festival” (aka “Harvest Moon Holiday” or “middle moon…”). Would you please be on the lookout and see if might see the “Friday the 13th full moon festival” on your pilgrimage?
    Much love and many prayers, my friend!
    I am so pleased, proud and PUMPED with all that you are, doing and walking!

  2. Bryan says, “Bibe vino et hacer el amor.”

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