“Just once I’d like to wake up when I’m done sleeping”

Anna, Downton Abbey

If the Camino mantra is Walk, Wash, Eat, Sleep, I have to say that after I walk and wash my clothes I barely have the gumption to wash myself. Dinner is never before 7:30 pm and by 5:00 pm I could care less about eating and often just lay my head on the table praying that I can go to sleep.

I forgot to relate to you all what happened yesterday morning. After we left our hotel we stopped at Cafeteria Alfonso for breakfast. Don’t let the name fool you this is not a cafeteria like we know it. Nonetheless the cafe con leche was excellent and I had a great pastry filled with lemony cream for my breakfast. I ordered at the bar and the bar man served me. Usually I ask “how much?” and pay, but for some reason I didn’t do this. When we were done we left. Later it occurred to me that I hadn’t paid so I asked Glen if he did. The answer…no. We were so tired that we just didn’t think.

So today I did a little research and while I didn’t get the full address I have the street name and the name of the cafe. I’m going to send the owner a note and 20€ to more than cover our bill and to cover whatever other pilgrims might have forgotten to pay with the rest.

As I’m writing this it’s 4:40 pm and I’d really like to lay my head on the table and close my eyes. Maybe I didn’t train enough, maybe I’m just not young enough…but like I said on Day 1, I don’t know if I’ll make it, but watch how good I fake it.

Oh, BTW I bought some new shoes and a new hat last night in Leon. I lost my green hat and my blue shoes had lost all their tread and cushioning. The good news is that all was 40% off 🤗

~ by michelleperram on September 24, 2019.

5 Responses to “DAY 24 CAMINO FATIGUE”

  1. You are amazing wherever you go!
    Keep on keeping on!

    My ordination is coming up this Saturday at 1pm US Eastern!

  2. Wow- a wild and crazy move to buy new shoes!
    Who knew your original pair would not make the entire journey?
    Walking is tiring and every day is a new experience of sights never seen before. It takes a lot of energy to process “ the new”

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