Today is a dry day spiritually. It’s cold, dreary, and gray.

We are walking into Leon which is about 13 miles but a lot of it is along the highway. Of course the last couple days have been along the highway so it’s not a new scene just not pleasant.

My feet, legs, and back feel good, but my heart feels uninspired.

I’ve been listening to some Taizé music and on a sunny day it feels like the whole camino is my chapel to worship in. But today it’s not working.

As I walk along the path I’m remembering the Scottish man who was walking barefoot and I wonder where he is and if he’s been able to keep doing the Camino in his bare feet.

I’ve begun to identify backpacks like cars, by the logo on the back. Maybe I could create a camino bingo game and market it.

Graffiti along the Camino has change quite a bit from the beginning. This is what I used to see…

Discern the truth, achieve the good…The Alchemist

For many days now this is what I see on the Camino…

So many of the signs along the camino are scrawled with this vitriol. Others come along and try to add their own take by changing the letters. And it looks like the same handwriting. It doesn’t strike me as being of the Spirit and I feel tired and beat down just seeing it.

So how will I make it to Leon today? By putting one foot in front of the other until I arrive.

~ by michelleperram on September 24, 2019.

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