I took the bus into Astorga today because the tendons in my foot were bothering me again. In fact it seems that the Walking Wounded are coming out again. Yesterday I met a woman who was recovering from a knee injury and this morning as we walked over to breakfast I saw our Cincinnati friends that we met on the shuttle from Bayonne to St. Jean Pied de Port. She had a cab waiting to take her to the hospital up the road. The woman with the knee injury and I rode the bus in to Astorga.

It feels good to take a break from the Camino. We have a very nice room in Astorga and since I was here early I had time to find a laundromat and wash clothes in a real machine. After writing some postcards to our grandchildren back home I found a sunny spot in a cafe to have my lunch. I’ve been looking through my pictures and basking in the more beautiful moments on the Camino so I thought I’d share a few.

After seeing field upon field of sad sunflowers turned away from Santiago it was a joy to see these little ones growing and searching for light.

On a Saturday we walked through this town while the local farmers market was in full swing. These peppers were incredibly huge. This was also the day the we ate lamb stew in a little restaurant and the waiter told us his mother had made it. Delicious!

The view of the sky through the double arches of the ruins of a convent.

We suffered through some rain and were rewarded with the most vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen. I was absolutely taken aback when I saw this.

There is truly so much along the Camino to warm your heart and take your breath away.

And God said it was very very good.

Buon Camino

~ by michelleperram on September 25, 2019.

3 Responses to “DAY 25 THE BEAUTY OF THE CAMINO”

  1. So glad you listened to your body and took the bus today. Hope your feet got some much needed rest. Sounds like you had a relaxing day
    Hope your body recovers

  2. This will preach:

    “We suffered through some rain and were rewarded with the most vibrant rainbow I’ve ever seen.”

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