Middle Earth

Fool on the Hill …The Beatles

This is the view from our hostal in Moratinos. We are beginning to see more and more of these dwellings dug into the clay earth. Because the temperature inside these “hobbit houses” is constant they are ideal as wine/root cellars. Another fun fact is that hundreds of years ago parents would send their children in to dig out more clay to enlarge the cellar and for the kids to keep warm in winter. Why didn’t I ever think of digging a hole and letting my kids work on it in winter???

Middle Camino

On our walk we came across this small church and these two statues that form a sort of gate. It’s very unobtrusive. There’s no modern signage to announce the significance of this church. The path just winds past the church and between the statues. Only upon closer inspection did I see that one panel proclaims this place as the geographical center of the Camino.

I had in my mind that León was the halfway point but this seems much more appropriate. The Camino is an inner as well as an outer journey and it seems that this quiet little chapel along with its two guardians is the way to announce the midway point. A gentle reminder that God is at the center of the Camino.

Buon Camino

~ by michelleperram on September 23, 2019.

2 Responses to “DAY 22 IN THE MIDDLE”

  1. In an “ only the way Sue’s mind works” moment what comes to me as I read your post this morning at 6:45 am PA time- is discipline. A word I cringe at especially when used as self- discipline.
    And yet- how disciplined you have been. To train and prepare for the Camino, to research, to get up and walk every day, to post daily so all of us at home can catch some glimpses of your experience
    I so admire your discipline
    Thank you

    • Sometimes I take a day off if I’m having a physical issue, sometimes I call a cab for the second half of the day or the last few miles, and sometimes I write two posts in one day because I was so tired the night before. It is truly by the grace of God 😊 and all of you who pray for me and inspire me.

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