I have been preparing for the Camino for almost a year now. I have been working out, researching what to take on the Camino, packing, unpacking & repacking my pack, reading memoirs & guidebooks for the Camino, shopping & bothering sales clerks at REI, and I know there are still dozens of things I need to do to be prepared.

My physical preparation has consisted of walking at least 5 days a week for anywhere between 2-8 miles, two cardio/strength classes, and a yoga class. I resolved to up my game this current month by walking 5-8 miles each day.

What is it they say about good intentions and a road to hell?

Six weeks ago I quit going to the gym, but I was still walking a couple of days a week. Then 3 weeks ago I stopped doing even a small amount of walking. In fact I’ve hardly left my house for the last three weeks. Every day I put clothes out to go to the gym or I promise myself I will at least take my little dog out for a walk, but I don’t do any of those things. I think I have hit the proverbial wall.

But maybe I’m turning a corner on that. Two days ago I ran into one of the women from my cardio class and she seemed to happy to see me. She asked about my trip and I had to tell her we haven’t left yet. Then I started telling her how I had stopped all my training and don’t even leave the house unless I absolutely have to. It was just pouring out, but at least I didn’t cry. She didn’t judge or try to minimize my fears. She just told me I was missed and she wanted me to come back to class.

So today I went back to the gym. I was greeted by so many people who thought I had been gone on the Camino and wanted to hear all about my adventure. I didn’t know what to say.

So I confessed.

And confessed

And confessed

And then class started. I worked and ran and lifted weights and made it through the hour.

I think that confessing and being vulnerable in that community of great women gave me strength to keep going. I don’t know that I’ve completely broken down the wall, but I definitely think a few bricks were loosened.

Confession is good for the soul.

And the feet

And the legs

And the arms

And the back

~ by michelleperram on August 9, 2019.


  1. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. When do you leave for this adventure?

  2. Good on you for starting to be interested again. People miss you because you are important to them as much as they are important to you.

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