Today I’m thinking about what my morning routine will be. My husband and I want to arise (time to be determined) and go. I’m pushing for a coffee and something to eat even if it’s small. Mr. I-don’t-eat-breakfast can complain all he wants but I want my morning coffee.  

My husband is a solid J on the Myers Briggs scale. He’s the man with a plan.  I, however, am a borderline P/J. What this means is that I like to have a plan and I’m happy to throw it out the window.  This drives my husband crazy. So today I’ve been thinking about what my morning routine will be to get up and moving.  Here it is…

Morning Routine on the Camino

  • Wake up
  • Put my watch on
  • Put retainer in to clean (dental bag must be in the bathroom)*
  • Brush teeth
  • Wash my face, moisturize, & put on sunscreen
  • Repack my toiletry bag
  • Dress
  • Retrieve electronics (phone, batteries, and earbuds) and charger (plug and cables). Keep electronics bag by the outlet.
  • Pack backpack
  • Fill water bottle
  • Coffee and breakfast

Does this seem a little maniacal? Or am I just tapping into my inner J? I don’t know, but today this seems like the thing to be thinking about.

*I’m a bit of a fanatic about my teeth. Like most teenagers I had braces but didn’t really take care of my teeth so they went back to being crooked and they bothered me a lot. Five years ago I got braces again, and now I have a great smile and my teeth fit together very well. Always wear your retainer.

Note: A few months ago as I went to my last session of the Two Year Academy for Spiritual Formation I forgot to pack my retainer and my meds. Medication was replaced quickly at the drugstore across the street, but for a week I had no retainers. So…I bought a second retainer just for travel 😁


I have a pair of hiking boots. I bought them years ago because we always went to a state park for a few days at New Year’s Eve and hiking was part of the fun.  Actually those “hikes” were more like a walk. Our girls were young so a 10 mile hike was out of the question (as if I would ever ask that question) and my boots were just fine for what we were doing. As I started my training (a 1-2 mile walk with the dog is training isn’t it) I discovered that my boots weren’t all that comfortable on a daily basis.  So my husband suggested a trip to the REI store.  This was before we had fully committed to the Camino.  So in my mind we were going to a store we didn’t need to go to, to shop for things we weren’t going to buy, for a trip we weren’t taking.

In shopping for boots the big problem I ran into is my feet and considering we are planning a 500 mile walk this is not a good place to start with a problem.  Several years ago I broke my right ankle in three places.  The circumstances of the break involved my dad’s attic and a pile of aluminum pie pans (about 50 of them that I was reaching for, don’t ask why those pans were so important) and I fell through the ceiling on to the concrete floor of the garage.

Since my ankle is a bit janky (I’m sure that’s a medical term) I wanted the good ankle support that a high top boot would give and at the same time since my ankle bone is misshapen and sticks out a bit I liked the low profile of a hiking shoe that wouldn’t rub against the bone.

The people there were very helpful. I had a young man helping me but another young man and woman in the department took an interest and made several suggestions. Despite my leaning toward a hiking shoe they found me a boot with lots of ankle padding.  I ended up purchasing a pair of waterproof hiking boots with great support and a pair of trekking poles.

So much for shopping for things I wasn’t going to buy.