“The Camino will provide” is one of the phrases most often heard especially when someone expresses a worry about something. I have two stories from today about how the Camino provides.

Today we walked from Zubiri to Huarte, about 12 miles. We had planned to stop in a little town at about mile #6, but when we got there, there was only one cafe and it was crowded so we decided to walk another mile to the next town and get lunch there. So we did and when we got there we just didn’t see anything available.

Now those of you who know me, know that I like to eat and I really hate to miss a meal. On top of that my water bottle was below the halfway point and I didn’t think I had enough to get to Huarte. So we were walking along a narrow path and suddenly around the bend there was a man with a cooler full of drinks and a pile of bananas and oranges. But there was no vehicle there, no indication of how he got there, but there he was and I was so happy and relieved. I bought a bottle of water and a banana and gave gratitude in my heart for these provisions. And he really wanted to make sure I knew that his bananas were from Nicaragua. 🙂

Upon arriving in Huarte I was very tired and to be honest my feet were hurting. We weren’t 100% sure where our hotel was, but we did think we were in the vicinity. We saw a “cafeteria” and stopped to eat and gather our thoughts. When we were leaving a young man and a woman approached us, he spoke English saying that the woman heard the name of our hotel and that it is right next to her home and she would show us how to get there. Now my Spanish is nearly non-existent, this woman and I managed to talk and I’d say about 75% of what she said I understood. It was wonderful and again I gave thanks for the kindness of others.Carmen and Me

The Camino will provide

~ by michelleperram on September 4, 2019.


  1. Wonderful stories, both of them.

  2. Beautiful witness!

  3. Michelle, That is such a cool story. The guy with the
    water and bananas is wild! Hope you got
    a foot rub after that long day
    Thanks so much for posting and sending
    pictures. Big hug❤️

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