A son says to his father, ” Dad, what I’d really like for my birthday is a car.”

Now the father thinks long and hard about this. Finally he says, “Son, if you want a car you’ll have to work hard for it. There are three things you’ll have to do.

1. Your grades need to come up.

2. Your mother is tired of nagging you so you’ll have to keep your room clean.

3. You’ll have to get a haircut”

The two shake hands

A few months later the son broaches the subject again. “Dad I’d like to talk about getting a car again. I’ve worked hard and brought my grades up to a B+ average and I’ve kept my room neat and clean. I know you said I had to get a haircut but I’ve been thinking about that. Jesus wore his hair long and I think I should be able to keep my hair long too.”

The father thought carefully and said, “Son we are proud of your grades and how you’ve kept your room clean. And I hear what you say about Jesus. But son you need to remember…

Jesus walked everywhere!”


I wish I could credit whoever first told that joke but I can’t. All I can do is laugh when I think of it.

Published by michelleperram

I am me, a person with love for others, a passion to be creative, and a desire to be a cheerleader for others. I’m a wife, a mommy, and a grandma (you can call me by my grandma name “Lady M”). I’m on a search to grow and connect more fully with God. I didn’t grow up particularly church, married a man who had, and we raised our three daughters in the church. I found a place to belong in the church and somehow discerned a call to go to seminary. I received a Masters of Arts and Religious Communication (MARC). I went on to become ordained as a deacon in the United Methodist Church and served in media ministry and Christian education. As clergy I found that I didn’t have a place to belong in the church so I left the United Methodist Church in 2010. I still believe and I’m still on a quest to draw closer to God. And I’m going to walk the Camino de Santiago.

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