Today we are rock hunting in Zanesville. There’s a farm there that sits on a huge deposit of flint. We thought that for our rocks to take on the Camino it would be good to bring something special from Ohio.

There is a tradition that pilgrims bring a rock with them on the Camino. Originally the rock symbolized the sins of the pilgrim. This is still true today but the stone can also have other meanings. For some it is a symbol of their presence on the Camino, for others it represents a prayer request, and for still others it is a burden they are coming to grips with. It is also a tradition to leave the rock at the base of the Cruz de Ferro or Iron Cross. The Iron Cross is located at the highest point along the Camino Frances.

Today is an extra good day because our daughters and grandchildren are here with us hunting for rocks, the weather is warm but not sticky, and we’re having a potluck picnic after the rock hunting.

Everyone is having fun and I’m watching them. I keep picking up rocks for myself but I don’t know which is the one to take. Some people say a rock will speak to you but these are silent. Or maybe I’m just not listening hard enough.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday the crowd was shouting his name and telling of all the wonderful things he had done. The Pharisees were annoyed by this and they called to Jesus to silence the crowd.

He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the stones would shout out.”

Luke 19:40

I guess the stones in Jerusalem were chattier than the ones in Zanesville 😕

~ by michelleperram on July 14, 2019.

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