Dear God,

This week several tornadoes came through Dayton, Ohio. I slept through them and when I looked out my window I didn’t see any sign of damage. My trash and recycling cans are right where I left them. And yet around the corner tree limbs littered the street and less than two miles away walls have been torn off of buildings leaving the interiors exposed like doll houses.

Dear God

What am I thinking of this morning? I’m thinking of a 15 miles walk ahead of me and I’m worried I won’t make it. Did I bring enough water? Do I have an extra pair of socks? Did I apply enough sunscreen so as not to get a sunburn?

Dear God,

My prayers are small and self centered. Open my eyes and ears to see the world as You see it. Open my mouth to whisper the words of comfort that your world needs from me. And if you have time, please don’t let me get a blister. Amen

~ by michelleperram on June 6, 2019.

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