Remember those boots that I thought were very comfortable for the Camino? Well it turns out I was wrong. Maybe not “wrong” exactly, just mistaken. When I bought those boots my main values were good ankle support and waterproofing so my feet would stay dry. And those boots fulfilled my needs perfectly.

However I began to notice that when I went for a walk I was more inclined to grab my sneakers than my boots. I told myself it was just easier to slip on my sneakers instead of pulling on the tall hiking boots. I told myself that it was OK because I was still happy with the support, waterproofing, and comfort they provided. But I started to think I wasn’t being fully honest with myself. Truth be told my boots were all those things that I valued, but I realized that I also value shoes that aren’t so heavy.

Once again I have to thank REI. They took my boots back and spent a great deal of time helping me try out trail runners. I settled on these Salomon X-Mission 3 Trail-Running shoes.

I bought a half size larger than my normal size. I also spent several minutes on the little fake hill at REI with my toes in a downward position to see if my toes would slide to the toe of the shoe. Plenty of room. They are very comfortable and while I had a little rubbing around my janky ankle (say that 3 times fast) that went away quickly. I haven’t really worn them in the rain but I have washed them and they definitely dried overnight. Bonus: I found a color I really like in the outlet store so they were a little cheaper. Downside: Fitness trainers have always told me that my shoes need to be replaced every 300-500 miles. I have currently walked over 150 miles and there is some small noticeable wear on the soles. Of course, keep in mind that I am walking mostly on concrete sidewalks and asphalt. Click here to see the REI page for these shoes.

~ by michelleperram on May 20, 2019.

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