I am currently sitting in a retreat house at the 7th session of the Two Year Academy for Spiritual Formation. My inspiration to go on the Camino happened in the 4th session. This morning our presenter talked to us about the difference between a contract and a covenant.

A contract specifies what each person will do to fulfill the contract. You fix my plumbing and I will pay you X number of dollars.

A covenant is about who (and I’m only going to speak of myself here) I will be to the others who are part of the covenant.

I know that I am going on the Camino because I want God to shape me into who God sees my potential to be. Like a sculptor who stands before a block of marble and sees only the pieces that need to be removed in order for the art to emerge.

I know that God has been shaping me since I first became aware of God. And as a good United Methodist, or rather a strong follower of John Wesley, I believe that God’s prevenient grace has been at work in me even before that time.

I’ve been so caught up in what I’m going to do

…to prepare for the Camino,

…to pack for the Camino,

…to buy for the Camino,

that I didn’t think about who I will be.

Who will I be? I’m sure the Camino will change me.

~ by michelleperram on February 22, 2019.

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