Yesterday we walked to Palas de Rei on the Camino but were unable to get accommodations so we taxied off the Camino to a b&b with the intention of taxiing back in the morning to pick up where we left off.

As it happened the b&b was located right on the Camino Primitivo. It is said that in the 800s when the bones of St. James were discovered, Alfonso II (or Alfonso III, or the Bishop of Cluny, no one is sure who) went to Santiago to pay homage and the Primitivo is the route he took.

The Camino Frances has been really crowded with lots of new people arriving at Sarria and walking just the last 100 km. The quiet of the path is suddenly disrupted with excited new pilgrims. So walking the Primitivo today has been a dramatic change.

It has been so quiet. As we stepped into the primitivo a man passed us by

and with our presence the the Camino the population just increased 300%!

The Primitivo is very diverse. Within 2 kilometers you can walk through a pine forest, pastures, an orchard, a town, and an area that resembles the Blair Witch Project 😮. Spain is truly a beautiful country.

And one more thing…

Melide is known for its octopus so we went to one of the top two restaurants for lunch. Octopus is really delicious 🐙. It’s sautéed with a little hot paprika and drizzled in olive oil. Yummy!

~ by michelleperram on October 7, 2019.

3 Responses to “DAY 36 THE PRIMITIVO”

  1. Yummy octopus 🐙 is the best!
    I am so grateful to gain glimpses of your walk!!! You observe so keenly and write so beautifully and succinctly, please prayerfully consider keep writing and sharing after this pilgrimage wraps up! I would be the first to be the first president of your fan club!

    • You are so kind 😁

    • PS I copied your octopus in the above comment and it was red during composition and then showed purple after submitting!

      🐙 🐙
      🐙 🐙 🐙
      🐙 🐙

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