Today’s post will be very short. Once again I had to take a day off for my ankle. In addition it was a steep climb to the next hotel and by the time I arrived the altitude was really effecting my head. So I laid my pack on the floor, crawled into bed and slept. Tomorrow is a shorter walk and hopefully I’ll be back to 100%.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

BTW I’ve been spelling Buon Camino wrong. It’s BUEN CAMINO!

~ by michelleperram on October 1, 2019.

2 Responses to “DAY 31 ANOTHER DAY OFF”

  1. The following made me laugh out loud!
    “Buon Camino wrong.
    It’s BUEN CAMINO!”
    Seriously my friend, I am so glad that you took a break when you needed!

    When God rested after 6 days of creating the world, God rested AND did not explain or justify why taking a sabbath… this post made me realize that!

  2. Hang in there. You will remember everything with a fondness only the Camino provides, even the struggles. I LOVE Galicia! Buen Camino, my friend.

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