Today I’m going to do a little advertising.

Last night we stayed in the Hotel Rural Oasibeth. This hotel was sparkling clean, very new, and offered all the amenities of dining, bar, and breakfast, plus those I look for: a sunny balcony and a sink with a stopper. But what really set this hotel apart is the utter joy and hospitality that the owner Loli exudes. It is abundantly clear that she loves being hostess to pilgrims. In fact the whole staff follows her lead in graciousness.

Adding to the atmosphere of generosity is the amazing food. Without a doubt we probably had our best meal. I had thick slices of potatoes in a carabineros sauce and shrimp. A quick google search turned up a lot of recipes for the carabineros sauce, all in Spanish, but when I get home I am going to make this. It was amazing. Not to mention this was the appetizer and I could have made a whole meal of it. We also had some spicy mushrooms and Loli told us she cooked them with this…

It must be some kind of dried chillies.

Loli was so funny. She told us that in Spain they kiss once on each cheek, but in France it’s twice. I told her in my family we kiss three times (left, right, left) and she said her family too. I’m sure we must be related somehow.

You cannot imagine the kindness and generosity of spirit that lives on the Camino.

Buon Camino

~ by michelleperram on September 19, 2019.


  1. How can anyone not extend “the utter joy and hospitality that the owner Loli exudes” to you as you do the same to so many around YOU!?

    Does the following look “somewhat like” what you had?

    I am getting hungry thinking about this!!!
    Thanks for letting me tag along your walk!

    • It could be the same. I will have to ecperiment. Loli extends that grace to everyone. That just amazes me. I know I can be kind to people I like but day after day???

  2. What a beautiful photo! Love the smiles. Can’t wait to try Carabineros 🙂

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