Yesterday on our walk through the Metro Park and dam I was looking at all the rocks along the side of the dam (you might say they are “dam” rocks ;-)). I was also thinking about the Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross) on the Camino.

The Cruz de Ferro is an iron cross along the camino and tradition has it that pilgrims bring a rock along their journey from home to place at the foot of the cross. Often times the rock symbolizes a particular prayer or a question that the pilgrim is seeking an answer to on the Camino.

There is a beautiful well written description of the Cruz de Ferro at this link here.

So I was walking along the foot of the dam just looking at all the rocks…

I was imagining all the prayers that might be attached to those rocks and suddenly I saw a carefully stacked set of rocks that could not have naturally ended up in that way. Someone went out of their way to create an altar here in this place.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses all built altars to God. I wonder who placed these stones and what their prayer was. What stone will I take on the Camino and what will my prayer be?

What will God answer?

~ by michelleperram on May 20, 2019.


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