I have a pair of hiking boots. I bought them years ago because we always went to a state park for a few days at New Year’s Eve and baking was part of the fun.  Actually those “hikes” were more like a walk. Our girls were young so a 10 mile hike was out of the question (as if I would ever ask that question) and my boots were just fine for what we were doing. As I started my training (a 1-2 mile walk with the dog is training isn’t it) I discovered that my boots weren’t all that comfortable on a daily basis.  So my husband suggested a trip to the REI store.  This was before we had fully committed to the Camino.  So in my mind we were going to a store we didn’t need to go to, to shop for things we weren’t going to buy, for a trip we weren’t taking.

In shopping for boots the big problem I ran into is my feet and considering we are planning a 500 mile walk this is not a good place to start with a problem.  Several years ago I broke my right ankle in three places.  The circumstances of the break involve my dad’s attic and a pile of aluminum pie pans (about 50 of them that I was reaching for, don’t ask why those pans were so important) and I fell through the ceiling on to the concrete floor of the garage.

Since my ankle is a bit janky (I’m sure that’s a medical term) I wanted the good ankle support that a high top boot would give and at the same time since my ankle bone is misshapen and sticks out a bit I liked the low profile of a hiking shoe that wouldn’t rub against the bone.

The people there were very helpful. I had a young man helping me but another young man and woman in the department took an interest and made several suggestions. Despite my leaning toward a hiking shoe they found me a boot with lots of ankle padding.  I ended up purchasing a pair of La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX hiking boots.* I’ll talk more about this later but another selling point in these boots is that they come in my new favorite color…teal. The description says “grey/mint” but I think they look teal. They are also the most expensive footware I’ve ever bought and that includes the Kate Spade silver sparkled pumps that I wore to my middle daughter’s wedding.  

I also bought the REI Co-op flash carbon trekking poles in Beach Glass color straps (that means they’re teal)! 🤗

REI Co-op Flash Carbon Trekking Poles – Pair – Women’s | REI Co-op

So much for not buying anything for a trip we’re not taking.  I will add that I bought my hiking boots a half size larger to accommodate thicker hiking socks and a thin sock liner. They are very comfortable. I’ve worn them on 8 mile hikes and on the treadmill at the Y to get them broken in and I’m very happy with them.

*These are my boots 

La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX Hiking Boots – Women’s | REI Co-op

~ by michelleperram on February 20, 2019.

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  1. Deciding on the “right” equipment is a fun job!

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